The "Doing" and "Undoing" of Community; Chinese Networks in Ghana

  • Conal Guan-Yow Ho (Autor/in)

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Chinese have been migrating to Ghana since the late 1950s. Despite over 50 years of migration to Ghana, the Chinese do not consider Ghana their home but rather live in an extended transitory state that can last from a couple of years to several decades. Part of the nature of this extended transitory state is the invisibility of a community. This paper looks at the nature of community among the Chinese in Ghana arguing that there is a constant desire to push away from the idea of belonging to a community (“undoing” of community) while at the same time pulling towards more social intimacy (“doing” of community). In particular, this paper looks at gossip and suspicion in conjunction with economic cooperation and competition as aspects of their social encounter that illuminates the nature of this pendulum swing. (Manuscript received February 27, 2008; accepted for publication April 21, 2008)


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Ghana, Volksrepublik China, Migration, Minderheit, Ethnische Bevölkerungsgruppe/Volksgruppe, Internationale Migration, Auslandschinesen, Soziales Verhalten, Wirtschaftliches Verhalten, Netzwerk (institutionell/sozial), Gerücht, Interethnische Beziehungen, Diaspora, Kulturelle Identität, Fallstudie, Ethnologie/Volkskunde