VG Wort

A prerequisite for the payment of royalties by VG Wort is the signing of a so-called Wahrnehmungsvertrag (“rights administration agreement” = a kind of membership agreement). To do this, register with the TOM registration portal on the VG Wort website, where you will also find the Wahrnehmungsvertrag for download. As soon as you have been registered with VG Wort, you will receive a card number. You will need this to register your publications there; please also pass on your index card number to us.

You can receive royalties for the print edition of your book by downloading the "Meldeformular Wissenschaft" from the Wort portal, filling it out and sending it to the collecting society. Instructions on how to fill out the form, deadlines and further information are also available on this page.

To be considered for the distribution for online publications by VG Wort, you do not have to do anything at first. We install VG Wort counting marks on "your" book page. Once the required number of minimum hits has been reached (1,500 hits from the Federal Republic of Germany within one calendar year, at least 750 hits for contributions of more than 10,000 characters), we receive a message from VG Wort. We then inform VG Wort of your card number and you receive your royalties directly from them.