Demokratisierung in Südkorea: Die Rolle der Gewerkschaften und Unternehmerverbände

  • Aurel Croissant (Autor/in)


In the wake of the global trend to democracy, which Huntington called the Third Wave of Democratization, especially since the breakdown of authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe, the occupation with different kinds of development and political outcomes of processes of democratization, but first of all with the chances for consolidation of democracies have became one of the main subjects in social science research in the nineties. Just in relation to the processes of democratization in Eastern Asia, the role of trade unions and employer-federations was neglected although they are one of the main institutions for the mediation of social interests. The aim of this study is to investigate, by the example of South Korea, what kind of influences and developments the rules-structures of functional mediation of interest in post authoritarian societies are subject to, and also which impulses can come from the concrete organization of industrial relationships on the consolidation of a democratic system altogether.