An Interview with Hu Ching Fang

  • Thilo Diefenbach (Autor/in)


Hu Ching Fang 胡晴舫, also known as Lolita Hu, is a writer of novels, essays and short stories, who was born in 1969 in Taipei. Currently, she is the director of Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center in Hong Kong, whose term usually lasts three years. Our conversation took place in late November 2017 in Taipei; the final version of the text was proofread and approved by the author via mail in February 2018.
One of Hu’s short stories was recently published as a German translation: “Die Welt 世界”; in Thilo Diefenbach (ed./transl.): Kriegsrecht. Neue Literatur aus Taiwan. München: iudicium 2017, pp. 426–434.
On the 16th September 2017, the South China Morning Post published an extensive interview with her, which is still available online. It covers both her personal life and her work as a writer, therefore I excluded these topics from my questionnaire. Additionally, numerous interviews with her can be found online in Chinese.


Hu Ching Fang, Interview