Kambodschas Medien - Eine Einführung

  • Martin Ritter (Autor/in)


Since beginning of the democratic transformation 1993 began a liberalisation course of the Cambodian media system. Many new media companies developed. Despite this positive development, numerous deficits can be determined. Media are in the possession of the government, contents are controlled and journalists are not enough qualified. These deficits will stop the next years. A large step toward democratic system is not to be expected. Introductory this article shows the structure of the media systems of Cambodia. It is basis for the next articles. The next articles analyze, in what respect the mass media the Khmer-Rouge-Trial support. 15 students answered to this question from different view. Thus arrive the political participants, the medium enterprises and the recipients into the focus. The students will show whether mass media contribute to the acceptability of the Khmer- Rouge-Trial.