Zivilgesellschaftliche Beteiligung am Rote Khmer- Tribunal

Rolle und Strategien nationaler und internationaler NGOs

  • Nils Meinzer (Autor/in)


National and international NGOs are important actors of Cambodia’s civil society. Some of them are focusing their work on the Khmer Rouge-Tribunal that currently takes place. The following study describes the role of the involved organizations and analyzes the strategies of the NGOs and the extent they are able to contribute to the trial’s success. The results of the study are based on expert interviews with executives of 9 local and international NGOs. The key findings are underscoring that especially the NGO’s efforts of conducting outreach programs and disseminating information to the rural population could be regarded as critical success factors. In addition the NGOs try to ensure the fairness of the legal procedure by monitoring the court and reporting possible legal violations.