Der Wandel des Frauenbilds in China am Beginn der Republikzeit am Beispiel der Literaturzeitschrift Xiaoshuo Yuebao

  • Hui-wen von Groeling-Che (Autor/in)


This article presents a study of the "Xiaoshuo yuebao" (The Short Story Magazine) covering the years 1910-1915. It provides an in-depth analysis of the contributions dealing with the situation of Chinese women and thereby sheds light on the role of women in the Chinese literature at the beginning of the twentieth century. Due to its socio-historical background and the political convictions of its editors, the XSYB displayed strong reformatory efforts and revolutionary tendencies during the first two years. Whereas up to 1912 the "modern women" was promoted as an example to follow, later on when Chinese women actually tried to assert their newly won freedom, there was a stronger tendency to push them back and to relegate them to the limits of the traditional values, while still expecting them to function as responsible citizens within a reformed family and society.