Die japanische Besetzung Javas aus der Sicht dreier Augenzeugen

  • Hannelore Eisenhofer-Halim (Autor/in)


"A yellow power will come, but its stay will last as long as the corn needs to ripe". This prophecy of Jayabaya was to be fulfilled in March 1942 by the Japanese invasion of Netherlands East Indies. The hardship of the Javanese people is told by Sato Shigeru in "War, Nationalism, and Peasants", but there is nothing told about the struggle and difficulties of the Chinese minority. This report is therefore a contribution to understand the Chinese behaviour during the Japanese time in Java and it tries to show how Chinese managed to survive. Because of the 50th anniversary of the Indonesian Independence and the 50th anniversary of the End of World War II an investigation was made during a stay in Indonesia in August 1995. The persons interviewed are all Chinese, living now in Surabaya.