China und das Internet

  • Manfred F. Romich (Autor/in)


Along with rapid economic development in China the INTERNET is being used more and more as a convenient way of communication. Since 1988 different, independent networks have been established by universities, research institutions and, more recently, by post and telecommunication agencies and even commercial units. Most of these networks have their own direct or indirect access to the global INTERNET. Because of this decentralized structure of networks the Chinese government has decided to launch the CERNET project. The goal of this project is to establish centralized management and enforce the further development of the Chinese INTERNET in a more planned way. By the year 2000 all Chinese universities, research facilities as well as the primary and secondary schools should be connected to CERNET. Access to the global INTERNET is to be reduced to 1 - 3 centrally controlled links. To manage and further control INTERNET access the Chinese government has recently issued certain INTERNET regulations. China will restrict the use of the network on the one hand by administrative means and on the other by high connection fees. With the support of a leading American software company China is working on software to control the use of the INTERNET by making access to certain INTERNET sites technically impossible. As, however, China considers the INTERNET an economic necessity today the network will continue to grow at an even faster rate and more and more Chinese users will be able to use the INTERNET to get the information they need. Today all INTERNET services are offered in China and can be accessed by users from all over the world. Different references and important INTERNET addresses (URLs) of Chinese servers are listed in the second part of this article. China related URLs of servers located outside the People's Republic are also given.