Die Beziehungen zwischen den USA und China

Amerikas aktuelle Chinaforschung

  • Oliver Blank (Autor/in)


The relations between the US and China have a big impact on our world’s future and are ofprimary concern of many American scholars. They either focus on the relationship in general or on single aspects. Some analyze the economic and strategic importance of China for the US, some discuss the quality of the relationship and its meaning for China’s modernization process. The scholars can be divided into two groups: The „Leaders“ are dealing with the broad relationship and China’s overall significance for the US. The other group we call „Specialists“ because they mainly focus on one particular area of the relationship: human rights, the economic aspects of the US relations with China, the triangle relationship between the US, China and Taiwan, or Hong Kong’s importance in Asia and the role of the US-China relationship for the crown colony’s economic and social well-being.