Dialog der Kulturen in Indonesien

Zur Integrationsfunktion von Massenmedien

  • Maren Hoepfner (Autor/in)


With regard to the stability and solidarity of modern societies, integration is conceived as main constitutive condition. Diverse values and norms between different cultures come with potential for conflict - not only between nations, but also within nations. The idea of successful dialogue between cultures plays an important role concerning the communication and cooperation between diverse cultures and religions. In modern societies, mass media is credited with specific functions that it has to fulfill - one of them, an integrative function. In this article it is argued that mass media can and have to render an integrative contribution to the dialogue between cultures. In this regard, the article looks at the media coverage of the Indonesian newspaper Jakarta Post about the porn bill to ask in what way it is conducive to integration and dialogue between cultures. For this, the coverage is analyzed with discourse analysis. The discussion on the porn bill showed main dispute about different values and norms within the Indonesian society. Due to its multifaceted cultures and religions, Indonesia is a prime example for the necessity of solidarity and integration within its society.