Die Wasserwirtschaft im Rahmen der Umweltpolitik in der Volksrepublik China

  • Jutta Ludwig (Autor/in)


The scarcity of drinking water in China is an obstacle to further development, not only in the dry northern part, but also in southern areas with high precipitation. The reasons are: 1. Heavy environmental pollution due to insufficient wastewater treatment and over-fertilization in agriculture. 2. Wasteful use of water due to old facilities and lacking environmental awareness. 3. water prices are too low to give incentives for efficient water use. 4. China local environmental protection authorities are often not strong enough to implement the laws; penalties for emissions are too low to be effective. Chinese enterprises need eco-efficient facilities to reduce input of resources. Less resource input not only lowers environmental impact but also production costs, making the enterprises more competitive. Chinese ministries want to cooperate with foreign partners to rehabilitate, reconstruct and run the water management facilities. German water economy can only stand up to international competition in China if water utilities and enterprises offering water supply and waste water treatment facilities jointly penetrate the Chinese market.