Pramoedya Ananta Toer und sein literarisches Werk

  • Martina Heinschke (Autor/in)


The abounding oeuvre of the Indonesian prose-writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer gives the reader an insight into diverse states of Indonesian society: the ideals of young people upholding the military struggle during National Revolution, their disappointment with societal developments during the 1950ies, the expectations put by left-wing nationalists into Sukarno's Guided Democracy. "Bumi Manusia", the famous tetralogy which Pramoedya initially narrated to his fellow-prisoners during detainment on Buru island, questions the official historiography on the national movement during the early 20th century, simultaneously hinting towards the continuities in political repression between the colonial regime and Suharto's New Order. The author reformulated his ideals of humanity and democracy in changing times, but never gave up his convictions despite repeated imprisonment and endless years of political persecution. Traveling out of Indonesia for the first time since nearly forty years, Pramoedya was enthusiastically welcomed in the USA and Europe and was honoured with several awards.