Australiens Aborigines im Abseits

Kein Ende der Diskriminierung in Sicht?

  • Lion Rackow (Autor/in)


Although there has recently been a fundamental change in public debates concerning the discrimination of Aborigines, the position of native inhabitants of Australia as the weakest link in Australian society remains unaltered. As a result the gap between the indigenous and the non-indigenous populations have grown to such an extent that unemployment, criminality and bad health care have turned many aboriginal communities into isolated "fourth world" areas. The traumatic experiences these people have endured especially as a result of the policies from the "Stolen Generation" era caused many families to be dysfunctional thus resonating negatively down the generations and creating a vicious circle of social problems. The political efforts to improve the living conditions of the Aborigines have often shown a lack of empathy, understanding and effectiveness. This has been especially exacerbated by the practise of excluding the native Australians from the decision-making process for policies which concern them instead of involving them in it.