Privilegierter Partner?

Deutsche Chinapolitik in der "Außensicht“ des "Review 2014"

  • Wolfgang Röhr (Autor/in)


German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in 2014 asked more than 50 experts from home and abroad what could be improved in German foreign policy. The article deals with the views on Germany's China policy contained in the answers that he received. While opinions differ, some widely shared positions can still be identified: Berlin should assume responsibility and provide leadership in Europe also in regard to relations with China; this is also Beijing's wish. For the benefit of truly European China policy, Germany should refrain from concluding bilateral understandings with China - even if they would serve its own economic interests well. As Berlin does not pursue geopolitical goals in East Asia, it is regarded as an honest broker. While it should not attempt to mediate in regional disputes, it could point to the positive effects of stabilizing measures taken in Europe during times of tension. In light of new strategic uncertainties in Europe, good relations with Beijing should, however, not be pursued at the expense of the transatlantic partnership.