China Is Big News! - International Media Relations by Multinational Enterprises in China

  • Sebastian Huber (Autor/in)

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In the build-up to the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the role of international media reporting from China is becoming widely apparent. Increasing media reports from China since its admission to the WTO in 2001 are both a threat and an opportunity for multinational enterprises (MNEs) on location. Their China activities are frequently in the spotlight of the international media. This paper aims at understanding the significance, dimensions and basic concepts of media relations with the international media in China from the perspective of multinational enterprises based in the People’s Republic. It investigates whether and why China’s relations with the international media differ from those of other countries, taking into account the media relations research and local market particularities while exploring best practices amongst ten MNEs in case studies. Many media relations concepts applied elsewhere could also be validated for the Chinese market. The need for a strategy in international media relations for China has emerged as one of the key findings. (Manuscript received March 11, 2008; accepted for publication April 22, 2008)


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Volksrepublik China, Massenmedien, Information und Kommunikation, Wirkung/Auswirkung, Multinationales Unternehmen, Wirtschaftsunternehmen, Berichterstattung, Wirkung von Massenmedien