Political Reforms in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan (FATA): Will it End the Current Militancy?

  • Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah (Author)

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The resurgence of the Taliban and the al Qaida are interwoven with the rising tide of militancy in the tribal areas of Pakistan. After the Taliban’s ouster from Afghanistan, the al Qaida and its supporters regrouped in the FATA and launched attacks on the US and NATO troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan, a major ally of the US on war upon terror tried to quell the insurgents but did not succeed. The cross-border infiltration and attacks on US troops continued, causing serious doubts about Pakistan’s sincerity in the suppression of the militancy. The present research focuses on these and other similar issues including the recent trust deficit between US and Pakistan and the essential measures for bringing stability to the region thus ensuring safe withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.


Pakistan, Tribal Areas, Militancy, Political Reforms, Taliban, Al Qaida, US-Pakistan Relations