New Titles

New Titles



New publication - Puṣpikā - Tracing Ancient India through Texts and Traditions

In the series Puṣpikā – Tracing Ancient India through Texts and Traditions: Contributions to Current Research in Indology, the proceedings of the International Indology Graduate Research Symposium (IIGRS) are published. Puṣpikā is a peer-reviewed series that provides early-career scholars with a platform to share the results of their research on pre-modern South Asian cultures.

This is the 6th volume in the series, containing thirteen articles based on the talks presented at the 12th IIGRS online and in Vienna, Austria on 22–24 July 2021.


The journal ASIEN is now online!

ASIEN: The German Journal on Contemporary Asia is published by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Asienkunde (DGA) in Hamburg. In cooperation with the DGA, all older volumes already published have been made available in Open Access. They can be downloaded from the journal website of Heidelberg Asian Studies Publishing (HASP).

The current issue is freely available online after an embargo period of one year; some articles are also available immediately after publication without a time limit. A print edition is also available.


New publication - Temples, Texts, and Networks

For many centuries, Hindu temples and shrines have been of great importance to South Indian religious, social and political life. Aside from being places of worship, they are also pilgrimage destinations, centres of learning, political hotspots, and foci of economic activities. In these tem­ples, not only the human and the divine interact, but they are also meeting places of different members of the communities, be they local or coming from afar. The current volume pays close attention to the con­nections between individual Hindu temples and the affiliated communities, be it within a particular place or on a trans-local level.


HASP ist auf dem 34. Deutschen Orientalistentag

From Monday, 12th September to Friday, 16th September 2022, HASP will have an information booth at the  34. Deutschen Orientalistentag in Berlin.

The HASP team will be there to provide information and advice on all aspects of Open Access publishing. You are also welcome to take a look at our current new publications in the field of Asian Studies.


New publication - The Heart of Change: Issues on Variation in Hindi

The present volume, which comprises seven English contributions and four in Hindi, addresses issues of linguistic variation – a phenomenon central to the study of language use – in regard to the major official language of India. It combines multiple theoretical and pragmatic approaches to a variety of linguistic phenomena conceptualised under the designation 'Hindi’ and attempts to obtain a more accurate portrayal of the changing reality behind this versatile taxonomic term.


New publication - Sound, Meaning, Shape: The Phonologist Wei Jiangong (1901-1980) between Language Study and Language Planning

One of the leading proponents of the radical linguistic reforms in 20th century China, Wei Jiangong remains hardly known in the West. In Sound, Meaning, Shape describes Mariana Münning how Wei, who was rooted in traditional philology and conceptualizing language as a tool, helped to promulgate a standard language, led the compilation of the world’s most popular dictionary, and helped to drive script reform.


New Titles

New Titles

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