Leadership, Economic Reforms and Policy Processes in an Indian State: The Regime of ‘JB’ (Chief Minister Janaki Ballav Patnaik) in Odisha

  • Radhakanta Barik (Author)

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In Indian society, political leaders play a creative role in the process of modernization by integrating diverse social groups. Mobilization of diverse social groups under effective leadership channelizes the energy of these groups into the political system. Dialogue among these groups, the political leadership, the bureaucracy and the civil society bring synergy. This synergy gets articulated in the policy-making process. Constant dialogue and feedback processes make these policies work and produce positive results. JB Patnaik, a leader of the Provincial Congress Party, succeeded in creating an environment of giving impetus to the development of a traditional society like that of Odisha. He remained the Chief Minister of the State for three terms. A stable political regime supported the State government to move ahead in the process of modernization. However, his leadership style and the venality and corruption at the core of his regime, led ultimately to the decline of the Congress Party in Odisha.


Janaki Ballav Patnaik, Odisha, Congress Party, Leadership, Economic Reforms