Landreform in Afghanistan

  • Hermann-J. Wald (Author)
  • Asis Nadjibi (Author)

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On 17 July, 1973, monarchy in Afghanistan with all its superstructure and institutions was declared null and void as a result of a coup d'etat. After assuming power, Mahommad Baud has issued some decrees and orders for the continuation of public life. Here the new law of 6.8.1975 regulating land reform in Afghanistan, which was expected to come to power within one year, claims an important place. In its present form, the new law aims especially at bringing about changes in agricultural ownership. All the confiscated properties will be distributed among needy people according to specific criteria, which might be modified by additional regulations during the implementation period. The land reforms law contains seven clauses with 45 articles. In spite of its relatively elaborate contents, the law has several loopholes which will become evident during its implementation.