Probleme und Trends der Wirtschaft Thailands

  • Anton Gälli (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


Regarding its economic policy, the interimistic Government of Thailand is in a difficult position. On the one hand fast rising consumer prices in Bangkok (where the concentration of the Thai industry creates additional problems), low wages and insufficient social legislation would call for accelerated decisions. On the other hand the powerfull apparatus of bureaucracy has not changed since the ancien regime, so that many reform-proposals from the “professorial government” are being blocked. The individualistic and liberal accent in the Thai way of life will be an obstacle for socialization, now and in the future. Good chances for the economy are in the primary sector, where large agricultural resources are still available and in the tertiary sector, where tourism and banking are expanding rapidly. Compared to other countries in South East Asia like South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, however, the manufacturing sector will develop only on a modest scale within the next couple of years.