Stadtentwicklung und Stadterneuerung in Nepal. Das Bhaktapur Development Project

  • Christian Kleinert (Author)

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Since 1974 an urban renewal and development project is carried out in Bhaktapur(Nepal) as a joint venture of the Nepalese and the German governments. This Urban Development Project comprises Town Development Planning, Industrial Promotion and Implementation work in the field of the infrastructure as well as conservation and preservation activities in order to preserve the traditional character of the town. The main difference betweens traditional Town Planning and the approach of an integrated urban renewal and development project as undertaken by the Bhaktapur Development Project is the emphasis put on simultaneous planning and implementation. There is a strong mutual feed-back and exchange of experiences between the planners on one side and the architects and engineers on the other side , who are directly involved in the implementation activities. The project is carried out as a pilot project. The experiences made so far with the conception of a comprehensive urban development strategy will provide guidelines for future activities in similar towns and projects.