Zehn Jahre Japan-Literatur. Eine Auseinandersetzung mit 177 deutschsprachigen Buchveröffentlichungen

  • Udo E. Simonis (Author)
  • Ulrich Teichler (Author)
  • Yoko Teichler-Urata (Author)

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In the last 12 years there has been a rapid expansion of book publications on Japan' s development; the books written in German constitute a respective (although not very well known) part of that expansion. In the present paper some 177 books published after 1966 and covering such fields as society, economy, management, trade, politics, history, law, education, science, technology, environment, and bibliographies, are critically reviewed, most of them in great detail. Although not being fully comprehensive, this paper provides the reader with the necessary information on the quantity and quality, on the achievements and deficiencies of the German literature on Japan. The paper covers only the literature written in German, i. e. not all the literature written by Germans. It is meant to help the reader interested in Japan with a quick overview on the state of the art, and to provide him with references for further staying.