Rajas, Adibasis and their Goddess(es). Dasara Rituals and a Sacrificial Polity in a Former Feudatory State in Odisha

  • Uwe Skoda (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


The article considers not only the frequently postulated link between king and goddess in India, but also the crucial alliance between Raja and Adibasis in a former princely state in north-western Odisha. The two elements together form a pivotal triangle in a wider sacrificial polity, i.e., the link between the latter is renewed and mediated through the goddess. The process is exemplified by the Dasara rituals and it is argued that these links continue despite the formal abolition of kingship. Historically, however, Dasara rituals have undergone several changes, which have left their mark on the performances. The recent industrialization in the area and its socio-economic impact are arguably driving the latest changes in this configuration.