Ritual Lamaist Items Used in the Dugzhuuba Rite by the Buddhists of Buryatia

  • Aleksandra Wiktoria Martines (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


The article presents the analysis of the Lamaist ritual Dugzhuuba. It is a great purification service – hural that takes place the day before the New Year according to the lunar calendar. Buddhists believe that participation in this rite purifies them from 64 sins as well as repelling all evil spirits.The most important items of Lamaist cult applied during this ritual are described in the article. Some of them are the balin – figures made of dough that are used as symbolic offerings to Dokshits (the severe deities), soor – a triangle pyramid, and others. In the article it is shown how the pragmatic side of the Buddhist cult, namely the rite Dugzhuuba, reflects and emphasizes the bases of Buddhist philosophy. The specifics of the Lamaist cult among the Buryat is also discussed.