Balkarian professional fine arts

  • Zhaukhar M. Appayeva (Author)

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Until the 1920s, the artistic culture of the Balkars had developed naturally and endogenously. The absence of the fine arts was understood in terms of Islam. Actually, the reasons for this phenomenon are much more deeply rooted and are connected with the specifics of the artistic philosophy of the Balkars. Brought up on other traditions and artistic values, this particular ethnic group were neither psychologically nor aesthetically prepared for any new perceptions or unusual forms of creativity. Fine arts were not connected with their cultural requirements but had been spread by the Soviets in days of the Cultural Revolution) (1920-1930s) and later. New forms of art clashed with the centuries-old way of life of the mountaineers and therefore the abrupt withdrawal pains of centuries of traditions could not be overcome in just a short space of time.