The Perry Report and US-North Korea Relations

  • Reinhard Drifte (Autor/in)


The Perry Report of 12 October 1999 has built a stronger foundation for the Agreed Framework of 1994 which aims at the elimination of North Korea's alleged nuclear weapons programme. This has been done by abandoning the initial premise that the North Korean regime would not last until the two Western Light Water Reactors would be completed in North Korea, by addressing the failure of the US to provide the incentives promised in the Agreed Framework, and by becoming more realistic about the constraints of any North Korea policy. However, the chances to carry through the Agreed Framework continue to be threatened by the wide discrepancy between North Korean and Western goals, by the US intention to deploy a Tactical Missile Defence system, and by difficulties of the US to maintain a common front with South Korea and Japan. The insistence of the US on greater North Korean reciprocity may also endanger the initial success of the Perry Report.