Der Kosovokrieg und seine Auswirkungen auf die chinesische Außenpolitik

  • Yu-ru Lian (Autor/in)


Whereas official state representatives like the Chinese Foreign Minister Tang condemned the intervention of NATOmilitaryforces in the Kosovo as an aggression against sovereign state, academics in China tried to understand the reason ofthe war, the specific role of NATO and USA as well as possible repercussions on the international system. Even after the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade the fundamental character of the Chinese foreign policy will not change. It is founded on the principle of "taoguang yanghui", given by Deng Xiaoping after the end of the East-West-confrontation. China tries to secure it sovereignty, to build up multipolar international world order, and to negotiate multiple bilateral partnerships. But there are also voices inside China to strengthen its role as great power in the 21st century.