Tatiana Oranskaia, Anvita Abbi (Hrsg.)
The Heart of Change: Issues on Variation in Hindi

Variation is considered a central property of language, providing means to convey social meaning, cultural values, and emotional attitudes. The Heart of Change: Issues on Variation in Hindi aspires to make the picture of this phenomenon, functioning as the motor of linguistic change, clearer by looking into regional, social and linguistic forms of Hindi in the broad meaning of the latter term. Variation is not only the topic but also the strategy of the book combining various aspects of linguistic research and, accordingly, various data types as well as methodological approaches. The bilingual English-and-Hindi volume provides fresh data, useful reading, and ideas of interest to Indologists, linguists, and language teachers.

Erscheint im Frühjahr 2022

Bindu Bhadana
Post-national Perceptions in Contemporary Art Practice

Media and Cultural Studies ; 3

The role of the nation has increasingly come under question since the 1990s as ongoing debates emphasize the shifting and fluid modes of identification in our post-modern, post-colonial and post-structuralist world. The nation in such debates is viewed alternately as a marker of plural belonging or as a monolithic relic that has outgrown its usefulness. How important is the nation and national identity in the contemporary moment? This monograph takes up the artworks of three artists, one from the diaspora, Chitra Ganesh (b.1974, New York), and Tejal Shah (b.1979, Bhilai) and Nikhil Chopra (b.1976, Calcutta) from India, to understand the transforming relationship of the gendered body with national identity in contemporary art practice. It demonstrates that ideas of national belonging are being challenged precisely through a concerted focus on post-colonial, racial histories and through identities marginalized by the nation – women, queer, transgender. It proposes the ‘post-national’ as an empowering term and a critical framework to understand the shifting dynamics of belonging being articulated through diverse medias in contemporary art.

Erscheint im Frühjahr 2022

Malini Ambach, Jonas Buchholz, Ute Hüsken (Hrsg.)
Temples, Texts, and Networks: South Indian Perspectives.

For many centuries, Hindu temples and shrines have been of great importance to South Indian religious, social and political life. Aside from being places of worship, they are also pilgrimage destinations, centres of learning, political hotspots, and foci of economic activities. In these temples, not only the human and the divine interact, but they are also meeting places of different members of the communities, be they local or coming from afar. Hindu temples do not exist in isolation, but stand in multiple relationships to other temples and sacred sites. They relate to each other in terms of architecture, ritual, or mythology, or on a conceptual level when particular sites are grouped together. Especially in urban centres, multiple temples representing different religious traditions may coexist within a shared sacred space. The current volume pays close attention to the connections between individual Hindu temples and the affiliated communities, be it within a particular place or on a translocal level. These connections are described as “temple networks,” a concept which instead of stable hierarchies and structures looks at nodal, multi-centred, and fluid systems, in which the connections in numerous fields of interaction are understood as dynamic processes.

Erscheint im Sommer 2022


Nadja-Christina Schneider (Hrsg.)
Media and Cultural Studies

Die Reihe "Media and Cultural Studies" veröffentlicht Ergebnisse aktueller regionalwissenschaftlicher Forschungen, die sich mit medien- und kulturwissenschaftlichen Fragen befassen. Einen weiteren Schwerpunkt bilden Forschungen an der Schnittstelle von Medienkultur- und Geschlechterforschung. Die Reihe dient insbesondere transregional angelegten und Südasien bezogenen Qualifikationsarbeiten und Sammelbänden als Publikationsplattform. Sie bietet darüber hinaus auch die Möglichkeit, multimediale Inhalte zu publizieren