Searching for sur through Sufi-Islamic Devotion

An Audio Recording

  • Wajiha Ather Naqvi (Author)

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Drawing on my vocal training experiences from my on-going Hindustani classical music apprenticeship under a Qawwali practitioner in Karachi, Pakistan, since 2016, this multi-mediated essay, which includes an audio recording of my performance, demonstrates how specific ideas of Sufi-Islamic devotion are cultivated and embodied in Hindustani classical music through both song lyrics and bodily actions. Through this piece, my attempt is to dispel certain unfounded public misconceptions within Pakistan on music’s compatibility with Islam, particularly with respect to the Pakistani state’s complicated relationship towards its Hindustani classical music heritage.  


Hindustani classical music, Islam, South Asia, Pakistan, voice
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Naqvi, Wajiha Ather. 2022. “Searching for Sur through Sufi-Islamic Devotion : An Audio Recording”. Dastavezi | the Audio-Visual South Asia 4 (1).