Darshan – The Changed Gaze

Looking Back in Wonder and Concern

  • Britta Ohm (Filmmaker)
  • Rita Panesar (Filmmaker)
  • Andrea Horakh (Filmmaker)

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Thirty years after shooting their student documentary on cinema and media change in India, one of the three (female, Western) filmmakers contemplates the gendered and cultural conditions of creating the film and how they resonate with the trajectory that Indian politics has taken over these past few decades. The film is a self-reflective journey into different protagonists’ relations to images and various media in an era of globalization that was sold as promising, liberating, and empowering as much as it was rife with apprehensions of westernization. The essay fleshes out that, in hindsight, the film bears many early signs of the socio-economic frictions, the forms of entitlement, and the ultimately brutal transformation that neoliberalism and Hindu nationalism have since enforced.


Indian cinema, video culture, satellite television, gendered filmmaking, Hindu nationalism/Hindutva, 1990s globalization
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Ohm, Britta, Rita Panesar, and Andrea Horakh. 2022. “Darshan – The Changed Gaze: Looking Back in Wonder and Concern”. Dastavezi | the Audio-Visual South Asia 4 (1). https://doi.org/10.11588/dasta.2022.1.19132.