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Bautze, Joachim: Drei "Bundi"-Rāgamālās: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der rajputischen Wandmalerei, Heidelberg: Heidelberg Asian Studies Publishing, 2022 (Monographs on Indian Archaeology, Art and Philology, Volume 6).


ISBN 978-3-948791-37-7 (PDF)


The book was originally published in 1987 by Franz Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden. ISBN 3-515-04752-2


Joachim Bautze

Drei "Bundi"-Rāgamālās: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der rajputischen Wandmalerei

With this volume, we would like to contribute to the history of Rajput mural painting by presenting, iconographically identifying and dating three sequences of 36 previously unpublished murals each. Two of the sequences are located in a part of the palace of Bundi, the capital of the former princely state and present district of the same name in the state of Rajasthan, which is usually inaccessible to the public and which has produced a school of painting that is mentioned side by side with the famous school of painting of Kangra in the Pahari region. Sometimes this style of painting is even considered one of the most beautiful styles of Indian miniature painting.


Table of Contents
I Einleitung
II Begriffsbestimmungen
III Rāga-Rāgiṇī-Illustrationen in der rajputischen Wandmalerei
IV Serienkatalog
V Serie I: Die Badal Mahal Rāgamālā
VI Die Datierung der Badal Mahal Rāgamālā
VII Serie II: Die Indargarh Rāgamālā
VIII Die Datierung der Indargarh Rāgamālā
IX Kurzbeschreibung der weiteren Wandmalereien im Supari Mahal
X Serie III: Die Chattar Mahal Rāgamālā
XI Die Datierung der Chattar Mahal Rāgamālā
XII Appendix
XIII Verzeichnis der zitierten Publikationen
XIV Index der beschriebenen Rāgamālā-Wandmalereien