Dörre, Andrei und Schütte, Stefan (Hrsg.): Utilization and Management of Natural Resources in Kyrgyzstan, Heidelberg: CrossAsia, 2016 (Berlin Geographical Papers, Band 43). https://doi.org/10.11588/xabooks.132.165


ISBN 978-3-946742-07-4 (PDF)


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Andrei Dörre (Hrsg.), Stefan Schütte (Hrsg.)

Utilization and Management of Natural Resources in Kyrgyzstan

The training of students in the Department of Geography at the Centre for Development Studies (ZELF) of the Freie Universität Berlin includes the scientific preoccupation with theories of development, with social inequalities at multiple scales reaching from global to local arenas, and with questions of international development policies and practices aimed to ensure basic needs and sustainable development. (...) Following this approach, the project in 2013 was dedicated to specific issues of Kyrgyzstan’s development after 1991. The rural population of the post-socialist society depends to a great extent on the utilisation of natural resources, and the project focused primarily on the use and the management of natural resources that occur in the context of development efforts of governmental and non-governmental institutions.


Table of Contents
List of Figures, List of Boxes, List of Tables
Andrei Dörre, Stefan Schütte
Clara Jütte, Petter Korte, Julia Seliger
Transformation of Pasture Utilization and Management. An Example from the Bazar Korgon Rayon
Katja Voigt, Timm Walker
Legal Pluralism and Social Practice. A Case Study of Kara Bulak Pasture
Benno Weißenbacher, Laura Winter
The Social, Economic and Spatial Organisation of Rural Dairy Farming. Examples from the Torpu Kyr Pasture
Isabell Nordhausen, Tim Paul
Conflict Resolution Mechanisms on the Contested Kara Art Pasture
Sandra Fürst, Sabine Schulz Blank
Natural Landscape or Anthropogenic Environment? A Case Study on the 'Wild' Fruit and Walnut Forests in Southern Kyrgyzstan
Larissa Türk, Martin Wagenhäuser
From Communism to Capitalism: The Transition to a Market Economy and the Effects on the Agricultural Land Use System in Karacha, Bazar Korgon Rayon
Philip Degenhardt, Manuel Marx
About Livestock Trade and Middlemen: Understanding Socio-Economic Practices of the Livestock Market in Bazar Korgon
Yalcin Atam, Jana Göpel
Migration strategies and the role of remittances in rural Kyrgyzstan
Annika Gerstenberg, Pia Langeheine
Facilitating Development in Rural Kyrgyzstan. The Example of the Arslanbob Local Authority