The Heart of Change - Issues on Variation in Hindi
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Sharma, Vashini: The Impact of Other Indian Lanuages on Dakhini, in: Oranskaia, Tatiana and Abbi, Anvita (Eds.): The Heart of Change - Issues on Variation in Hindi, Heidelberg: Heidelberg Asian Studies Publishing, 2022.

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Published 24.08.2022.

Vashini Sharma

The Impact of Other Indian Lanuages on Dakhini

Dakkhini, an Indo-Aryan language, has been in constant contact with Telugu and several other Dravidian languages for more than four centuries. As a result, it has acquired a number of syntactic features that are not found in Hindi-Urdu but found in any one of the Dravidian languages that it has been in contact with it. This syntactic change is generally labelled as convergence which results in a Linguistic area. The study shows that Dakhini and Telugu are closer to each other than Dakhini and Urdu or Telugu and Urdu. The data have been verified using some YouTube programs in current Dakhini.

Keywords convergence, linguistic area, contact language, code switching, agreement, honorifics