Call for Papers: The Long 1960s in Asia (expired)


Guest Editors: Claudia Derichs, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; Kamran Asdar Ali, University of Texas at Austin / LUMS, Lahore

Deadline for manuscript proposal: 31 December 2019
Deadline for final manuscript: 1 June 2020


A number of studies, publications, conferences and anniversary events took place in 2018 to commemorate the 50th birthday of the legendary year 1968. Along with it came a bulk of scholarly and popular assessments of the "long 1960s", the "global sixties", and/or the "radical sixties". The predominant empirical sites of inspection and retrospective were Western Europe and the United States of America. Other world regions were discussed to a clearly lesser extent. Apart from the crucial event of the Vietnam War, the (long) 1960s in Asia did not figure very prominent in the various publications on the topic.

This issue of IQAS seeks to focus on the sixties in Asia, covering East, Southeast, and South Asia, and discussing the decade from perspectives that have often escaped the eye. It sheds a critical light on the topos of the "global sixties" and goes local in order to grasp the spirit of the sixties in selected Asian countries. It looks beyond nation-state borders and traces transnational and transregional connectivities, mobilities and relations, and it reminds us of radical junctures in countries' histories that did not pave the way for freedom, peace and democracy. The contributions to this issue thus cover the bright as well as the dark sides of the sixties and share the conviction that research on this revolutionary decade's ramifications in Asia is still a field with many blank spots.

We particularly welcome contributions on China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines or Vietnam. Those interested in submitting a book review or even a review article are requested to contact the guest editors for further discussion and details.


Prospective contributors to the Special Issue are invited to send a short 300-500-word proposal to the guest editors at: / by 31 December 2019

The proposal should detail the empirical focus and main research questions addressed. Selected contributors will be invited to submit their full article for peer review by 01 June 2020.