Decolonial-Feminist Approaches in Teaching and Research: Exploring Practices, Interactions and Challenges

  • Linda Gerlach (Author)
  • Andrea Fleschenberg (Author)
  • Lina Knorr (Author)
  • Nadine Heil (Author)


In international academic interactions we encounter inequalities of different kinds between the so-called Global North and the Global South. Many of these are the result of a general white male superiority that has existed for centuries as well as the physical and mental colonialisation of the Global South. This paper is a joint critical contemplation by four female researchers reflecting upon the status quo in academic practices. The paper describes surmountable and apparently insurmountable injustices using examples from everyday life in teaching and research. The authors furthermore describe some of their experiences in applying decolonial and feminist approaches and methodologies to achieve an academic togetherness with all partners on an equal footing and report on the challenges and drawbacks they have faced. The authors see this as a process in which they learn, revise and reflect upon their everyday academic lives.


Decolonial approaches, feminist approaches, Global South, knowledge production, transregional perspective