Knowledge on the Move

Relations, Mobilisations and Translations in and beyond Asia

  • Claudia Derichs (Author)
  • Riho Isaka (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


This IQAS special issue on “Knowledge on the Move” critically examines the circulation of knowledge in Asia, seeking to understand what kind of knowledge moves, where and when, and why and how it does or did so. It addresses the dynamics of global epistemic frameworks, intellectual problematisation, and everyday knowing, emphasizing that knowledge systems connect people across nations and regions. The issue discusses diverse knowledges that foster connectivity and explores the boundaries and limitations that arise. Translation becomes essential in making knowledge "move" and convey meanings effectively. While some concepts from the West have been introduced in Asia, criticisms of unidirectional flows persist in global academia. The articles present rich research results, providing insights into the circulation and construction of connections across Asia, encouraging further discussions on knowledge movement and the concept of Asia itself.


Knowledge, knowledge production, circulation of knowledge, knowledge systems, ontological ecologies, epistemology, Asia, Editorial