Secure and Insecure Spaces for Uzbek Businesspeople in Southern Kyrgyzstan

  • Aksana Ismailbekova (Author)

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Based on fieldwork in southern Kyrgyzstan in October and November 2017, this article explores at a micro-level the security practices undertaken by Uzbek people in Osh. It closely examines the experiences of Uzbek taxi-drivers, traders and businesspeople and thereby seeks to understand how and why local actors have managed to find creative ways to secure their economic activities. The business sector is the sector in which the Uzbek community is dominant, whereas the Kyrgyz community dominates the state structures. Historically, the two ethnic groups have lived side by side and have been in constant contact with each other through this state/business symbiosis. However, the conflict of 2010 drastically changed and destroyed this symbiosis, and with it threatened the Uzbek business sector. The examination of the security-
making practices of the Uzbek businesspeople was guided through the prism of the theoretical framework of “securityscapes”.


Kyrgyzstan, Uzbek, business, security, strategies