Dörre, Andrei, Kreutzmann, Hermann und Schütte, Stefan (Hrsg.): Pamirs at the Crossroads: Changing challenges and perspectives, Heidelberg: CrossAsia, 2016 (Berlin Geographical Papers, Band 45). https://doi.org/10.11588/xabooks.166.212


ISBN 978-3-946742-20-3 (PDF)


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Andrei Dörre (Hrsg.), Hermann Kreutzmann (Hrsg.), Stefan Schütte (Hrsg.)

Pamirs at the Crossroads

Changing challenges and perspectives

The meeting ‘Pamirs at the crossroads’ was convened in the framework of the Pamir research project sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation as a final conference that was looking back at what was achieved by previous academic and scientific activities in better understanding the historical heritage for path-dependent development. A further aspect of the ‘meeting of minds’ was to develop a vision for desiderata, short-comings and urgent needs directed towards Pamir-focused development and research efforts. All persons who could follow the invitation to convene in Berlin were experts in their respective fields thus representing a wide range of different personal experiences, professional backgrounds and upbringings. It was attempted to create a cross-border perspective that was focusing on a remote region in all countries that claim to have a share in the Pamirs. By looking from the periphery on local developments, regional connections, national dependencies and global networks the web of multi-fold interrelationships and contrasting perceptions emerged and illustrated the complex challenges to which this meeting of minds could contribute only some glimpses. The two-day deliberations were structured in five themes, two keynotes, and one summarising statement.


Table of Contents
Schedule of the meeting of minds: Pamirs at the Crossroads
List of participants
Hermann Kreutzmann
Executive summary
Pamirs at the Crossroads - Changing challenges and perspectives
Monica Bulaj
Thematic session I
Setting the stage – The hidden light of Afghanistan
Stefan Schütte
Thematic session II
Challenges for resource maintenance and utilisation
Yi Shaoliang, Wang Jinniu, Wu Ning
A review of Chinese researches on conservation and development in Eastern Pamirs
Nusrat Nasab
The work of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance
Stefan Schütte
Thematic session III
Education and mobility
Majeed Khan
Education and mobility in Gilgit-Baltistan
Robert Middleton
Education and mobility
A historical perspective
Andrei Dörre
M. Nazif Shahrani
The life and career of Haji Rahmanqul Khan, 1913-1990
Muhammet Ekber Kutlu
Life in Ulupamir Köyü
Gönül Açiksari
Addition to Muhammet Ekber Kutlu’s speech
Andrei Dörre
Thematic session IV
Experiences with regional development
Ghulam Amin Beg
Experiences with regional development
Changing challenges and perspectives in Gilgit Baltistan
Bernard Repond
Pamir’s Bridges
Andrei Dörre
Thematic session V
Knowledge generation and heritage preservation
Odinamamad Mirzoev
Knowledge generation and heritage preservation in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAR)
Nazir Ahmed Bulbul
Knowledge generation and preservation of Wakhi cultural heritage
Markus Hauser
The Pamir Archive
A world of information
Yuri Badenkov
Closing statement and remarks on future perspectives