The Bhadrakarātrī-sūtra
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Holz, Kathrin: The Bhadrakarātrī-sūtra: Apotropaic Scriptures in Early Indian Buddhism, Heidelberg ; Berlin: CrossAsia-eBooks, 2021 (Monographs on Indian Archaeology, Art and Philology, Vol. 27).

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ISBN 978-3-948791-01-8 (PDF)
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Published 05.05.2021.


Kathrin Holz

The Bhadrakarātrī-sūtra

Apotropaic Scriptures in Early Indian Buddhism

Monographs on Indian Archaeology, Art and Philology

This book examines the Bhadrakarātrī-sūtra, an important representative of early Buddhist rakṣā literature, and thereby contributes to the investigation of this literary genre. This work ultimately presents an edition, partial reconstruction, and translation of the two extant Sanskrit manuscripts found in Central Asia, as well as a critical edition and translation of the Tibetan version of this text. Special focus is also given to the Chinese and Tibetan variants of the mantras. Moreover, it highlights specific rakṣā elements, formal features, and linguistic and semantic patterns of the Bhadrakarātrī-sūtra. These are crucial for the understanding of the peculiarities of its language, as well as its textual development and classification among rakṣā literature.

Kathrin Holz studied Indology/South Asian Studies at the University of Würzburg and, after an extended research stay in Kathmandu, completed her doctorate on the topic of Buddhist protective texts at the University of Lausanne. Her research focuses on Indian philology, epigraphy and manuscript studies as well as early Buddhist literatures and languages.

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1 Early Buddhist rakṣā literature - state of the art
2 The different recensions of the Bhadrakarātrī-sūtra
3 The Sanskrit manuscripts
4 The Chinese and Tibetan texts
5 General discussion
6 Appendix