Negotiating Research Ethics in Volatile Contexts

  • Andrea Fleschenberg (Author)
  • Rosa Cordillera A. Castillo (Author)

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Research ethics is integral to the entire process of knowledge production: from conceptualising and designing a research project and gathering, analysing and managing data, to writing and other forms of representation and engagement. Yet, there is often a lack of attention given to research ethics pedagogy and praxis in various academic institutions. With a focus on research ethics in volatile contexts, this special issue aims to provide various perspectives on research ethics from scholars positioned within a particular discipline, such as anthropology, political science, history, sociology and area studies, among others, as well as those with an inter- or transdisciplinary perspective. Drawing from concrete research experiences and how they have dealt with ethical dilemmas as well as critical reflection and framing of research ethics, the contributors offer ways to think through the relationships between research ethics, power, violence, inequalities, institutions and pedagogy in various volatile research contexts and institutional frameworks.


Research ethics, social sciences, digitisation, Covid-19 pandemic, volatile contexts, Editorial