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Neuß, Jürgen: Māndhātr̥durga: A Preliminary Catalogue of the Historic Monuments at Oṃkāreśvar-Māndhātā, Heidelberg: CrossAsia, 2017.


ISBN 978-3-946742-28-9 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-946742-29-6 (Hardcover)




Jürgen Neuß

Māndhātr̥durga: A Preliminary Catalogue of the Historic Monuments at Oṃkāreśvar-Māndhātā

In Māndhātr̥durga A Preliminary Catalogue of the Historic Monuments at Okāreśvar–Māndhātā Jürgen Neuß offers for the first time a comprehensive survey of the extant historic remains at Oṃkāreśvar-Māndhātā, the most important place of pilgrimage in the Narmadā valley. Although the place has been known as an archaeological site since the middle of the nineteenth century, it has till date been overlooked that the remains are much more extensive and coherent than the rarely published archaeological notes, that deal with only a few monuments, suggest. This book provides a long overdue survey of the whole area which in essence represents a conglom­eration of three historic settlements. At the center lies a thoroughly structured fortification, Māndhātr̥durga, which represents the only preserved fortified city of the Paramāras of Dhāra in the Narmadā valley presently known to us.

Jürgen Neuß

Jürgen Neuß, PhD (2007), studied Indology at Berlin and Allahabad. He worked at Free University Berlin from 2000–2010 until the closure of the Indological Department. He works on the cultural history of the Narmadā valley since almost two decades and has already published a number of related contributions. He presently lives in Berlin as an independent scholar and author.


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